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Monday September 28, 2009

how can we improve the air quality of our cities?

Find out on my new post on Aribra.com!
big cities: exhausting and exhilarating

In the big city, on any given day, anything seems possible. Millions of thinkers, dreamers, and doers exchange ideas, creative sparks, and currency. There are

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Tuesday August 11, 2009

digital diet digest

Aaaah, that felt good. Six straight days of no internet and no email. The best diet I’ve ever been on (well, perhaps the only one).

I get so tangled up in the web these days – emailing,

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Friday July 31, 2009

the digital diet: an experiment

When I go on vacation, I don’t check emails, I don’t go online, I barely even answer the phone. On these tech-free holidays I am able to focus, enjoy myself, relax. So I’m going to try

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Wednesday July 29, 2009

oooh that smell!

[Image: Lexington, Mass. Town website]

Have you ever walked into an elevator, a subway car, or any other crowded confined space and been smacked in the face by a toxic cologne cloud?

There are times when this overpowering

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Thursday July 23, 2009

simplify, simplify

My mantra for the year. I’ve been decluttering, refocusing, letting go of bad habits and saying hello to new (good) ones. Part of living in a sustainable way is making sure the ol’ noggin’ can sustain

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Wednesday July 22, 2009

is the gowanus canal really sponge worthy?

The Gowanus Canal Issues, dlandstudio

Most New Yorkers, especially Brooklynites, know the beloved Gowanus Canal is teeming with nasty things: polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), petroleum, raw sewage, and even gonorrhea. Since the late 1800s, the canal has been

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Monday July 13, 2009

no hunger

As someone who eats on a very regular basis, never in want of food, I cannot fathom what it is like to wonder where my next meal is coming from. When I am hungry, I go

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Monday July 6, 2009

kripalu center for yoga & health

The beautiful grounds of Kripalu

Want to improve your health, get centered, cultivate peace in your life, and enjoy the company of the friendliest strangers you’ll ever meet? Sounds like a tall order, but that’s exactly what’s

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Friday June 26, 2009

r and r

Even when life is seemingly sailing along smoothly, it helps to take a break to quiet the mind and relax the body.

Some benefits of R&R are obvious: increased sense of calm, reduced muscle tension, overall sense

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Monday June 22, 2009

clean up indoor air pollution

The air inside our homes and businesses is often more toxic than the air outside, even in big air-polluted cities like LA and NYC. This is due to several factors, including off-gassing chemicals in furniture, toxins

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