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Wednesday June 10, 2009

shenandoah valley and national park highlights

I’m finally getting to recap my adventures from last week, when my boyfriend and I drove on down to Luray, Virginia for 5 days (well, really it was more like 3 plus travel days). It was

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Wednesday May 27, 2009

what the @#$% are they putting in our food?

and what are you gonna do about it?

Join the members of New York State Against Genetic Engineering (NYSAGE) on

THURSDAY, MAY 28, 20097PMSixth Street Community Center638 East 6th Street (Between Avenues B & C)Manhattan

to organize for SAFE

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Monday April 20, 2009

cosmetics consumption and conflict

There was a time in my life when I wasn’t a terribly conscious consumer. I would compulsively buy things like inexpensive clothing and makeup without really thinking about where it came from or what it was

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Sunday April 12, 2009

making stock

It’s chilly out (41 degrees as of 11:53 am) and my sweetheart’s not feeling well, so I’m brewing up a pot of pure healing love. It’s really a simple recipe, I learned it from Leda of

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Friday April 10, 2009

double whammy – lovefast day 5

Just as I suspected, as Bikram class was ending last night, something in my body was starting. I won’t go into too much detail; let’s just say I was being paid a monthly visit. I didn’t

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Friday April 10, 2009

green apple cleaners, in my ‘hood!

As I walked, still half asleep, to my subway stop this morning, I noticed a bright green smart fortwo covered in advertisements for Green Apple Cleaners (the non-toxic, CO2 based dry cleaners) parked just by the

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Thursday April 9, 2009

lovefast and bikram

Now I understand why some people who do Bikram yoga are into raw food. I hadn’t been to Bikram in over a week and was curious as to how I would feel being on this detoxifying

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Thursday April 9, 2009

lovefast day 4

Sorry this picture is all a-blur.

I’m high on raw, vegan spicy burrito. This stuff is amazing! (and I feel incredible).

Spicy Burrito: Lentils, parsnip, cilantro, oregano, coriander, jalapenos, cumin, chipotle, olive oil, lime juice, romaine lettuce, tomatoes,

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Wednesday April 8, 2009

let me clear things up…

I’ve received a couple of concerned calls about the last post. I just want to tell you all — I am feeling fine! I guess I hit “publish post” without realizing that what I wrote sounded

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Wednesday April 8, 2009

fried chicken, get away!

Some of my colleagues are eating fried chicken. It looks and smells awesome. If I sit near them drool might start dribbling down my chin. I might push it off the table onto the carpet in

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