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Monday November 30, 2009

permaculture & me, featured on idealist in nyc

Thank you to Joanna over at Idealist in NYC for posting an interview with li’l ol’ me about permaculture! Check it out!

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Saturday November 14, 2009

restoring the ecuadorian amazon with mycoremediation

Macrolepiota procera [image: Wikipedia]

Between 1964 and 1992, Texaco (now Chevron) dumped over 18.5 billion gallons of oil in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Birth defects, cancer rates and general malaise are exceedingly common in the city of Lago

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Tuesday November 10, 2009

permaculture design certification in nyc

Learn with the permaculturist who taught me…

Permaculture Design Certification in NYCwith Andrew Faust

March to June 201011 weekend sessions 9am to 5pm

Permaculture provides positive solutions for the social and ecological issues of today. Come be inspired by

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Tuesday November 10, 2009

permaculture hedonists presents (hands-on workshops)

Mmmm… kimchi [image: Wikipedia]

Permaculture Hedonists Presents

Hands-on workshops by Permaculture designers, educators and hedonists Andrew Faust and Adriana MagaƱa.

Who says you need a homestead to practice Permaculture? We’ll show you how to live the good life by

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Monday November 2, 2009

introducing – the library of trash

This past Saturday, Halloween, I received my permaculture design certificate (hurray!). Today, I feel like I’ve been reborn with new eyes. I’ve put on my permie goggles and I’m not going to take them off.

As part

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Tuesday October 6, 2009

focusing on permaculture

[design by Andrew Jeeves]

Some of you already know that I’m in the midst of pursuing a permaculture design certificate (or PDC, more about it here). In order to focus on my studies and design project, I

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Thursday September 17, 2009

hop on the waterpod while you still can

Have you caught a glimpse of that fantastic vessel, the one growing squash & tomatoes & chickens? The one that composts, harvests rainwater & sustains its shipmates? Perhaps you have, perhaps you’ve stepped on board. But

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Tuesday July 21, 2009

farm to table guest post

On Sunday, I visited Rooftop Farms, an amazing (as the name suggests) rooftop farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Read all about it in this guest post I did on Farm to Table, sustainable food blog and reality

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Monday July 6, 2009

follow this man: will allen

If you didn’t catch this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, you missed out on an article about one of the best role models for young Americans, and heck, old ones too. Will Allen — urban farmer,

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Wednesday May 27, 2009

time to evolve

I don’t know about you, but I feel a transformation coming. Like a great awakening, individuals, policy makers, and companies are changing their attitudes and actions to create a greener, more sustainable future.

Are you ready?

This Sunday,

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